Here is an overview of completed and ongoing projects. You can find a list of publications here.

Characterizing emission line nebulae with PHANGS–MUSE

I am currently doing my PhD in the Baryon Cycle in Nearby Galaxies group of Kathryn Kreckel. For my work I combine various state-of-the art telescopes like MUSE/VLT or HST to study the ionized gas in nearby galaxies.

Stellar associations powering Hɪɪ regions

II. Escape fractions

Using the previously published matched catalogue, we measure the escape fraction of Hɪɪ regions.

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Stellar associations powering Hɪɪ regions

I. Defining an evolutionary sequence

We create a catalogue of matched Hɪɪ regions and stellar associations.

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PNLF distances for 19 galaxies observed by PHANGS–MUSE

We use MUSE to measure the PNLF distance to 19 nearby galaxies.

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Previous work

  • 2019, Mar. 29
    • Master Thesis

Self enrichment in feedback regulated clouds

Before this I completed my Master in the Star Formation Group of Ralf Klessen. Based on the 1D feedback code WARPFIELD, I simulated how the abundances in Hɪɪ evolve over time.

  • 2016, Oct. 07
    • Bachelor Thesis

Dynamic stirring of planetesimals

I did my Bachelor in the Planet Formation Group of Kees Dullemond. I used the N-body integrator Mercury6 to test if the conditions in the early solar system were sufficient to form chondrules by high velocity impacts.